Baker Middle School is a diverse community where high expectations and collaboration foster independent, life-long learners.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report an absence?
​Please call the Attendance Message Line at 253-571-5088 and leave a message stating your name, your student's name, the reason for the absence, the anticipated return date and your telephone number.  Please also be sure to send your student with a note when they return to school.

How can I pick up my student(s) for early dismissal?
Please send your student with a note in the morning and deliver it to the Attendance Office before the first class. The attendance secretary will give your student(s) an early dismissal slip.  This process will be the quickest and most efficient.

Where can I find more information regarding athletics?
Please visit our Athletics Page and if you still need further clarification, please contact our Athletic Director.

How can I purchase new uniform shirts or other Bulldog Gear?
Purchases can be made with Ms. Nisley in the main office.  

Where can my student get assistance with their locker?
Please stop by the Attendance Office.

What should I do if I've lost my school ID card?
Please come to the main office to purchase a new ID card from Ms. Nisley.  All students are expected to have school identification with them while on campus.

Who do I contact for help with Home Access Center?
Please contact our registrar by calling 253-571-5061.

How do I add money to my student's lunch account?
You can do this online by visiting Lunch Money Now or by bringing in money to the lunch cashiers.

What is the procedure for my student having medication at school?
Students may not carry medication with them at any time during the school day.  All medication must be checked in at the nurses' office.  Please call the school nurse at 253-571-5057 if you have any questions prior to bringing in medication.

I'm looking for a place to volunteer... how do I sign up?
Visit our volunteer page and contact Ms. Nisley if you have any further questions.

How do I report Harassment, Intimidation, or bullying?
Students can come to the office and get a form from the front desk. Students can fill it out in the office or take it home. Once completed it will be given to the main office staff who will give it to the administration.

For all other questions, please contact the main office at 253-571-5000.