Supply List

Our goal is to teach our students organizational skills that will prepare them for academic success not only at Baker, but in high school and college.  Therefore, all students are expected to maintain and carry an AVID binder every day to every class.  AVID binders will be graded by homeroom teachers.

The AVID binder and materials costs $15.  If the the binder becomes damaged, lost or is stolen, it is the student's responsibility to replace the binder and contents as quickly as possible.  A full replacement binder can be purchased in the Main Office at a cost of $15.  Smaller items need to be replaced by students on their own​.

The following materials are included in the $15 purchase:

  • ​One 3-inch binder (this is the only allowable binder!)
  • One Planner/Agenda (replacement cost: $5)
  • One Baker Student & Parent Handbook (replacement cost: $5)
  • Two composition books
  • One graphing composition book for math
  • One pencil pouch, including #2 pencils, pens, highlighters and eraser tops
  • White, college-ruled, lined paper
  • Subject dividers
  • Sheet protectors
  • Red pocket folder
  • One box of 8-12 color pencils


Students are required to provide the following:

  • ​​One hand pencil sharpener (should fit easily in a pencil pouch)
  • Additional composition books, as needed for individual classes
  • PE clothing
  • A study bag for carrying materials between home and school.  The bag should protect books and the binder from the weather.

All students are expected to have the required tools for learning every day in every class.


The following items will need to be replaced periodically throughout the year:

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Lined paper
  • Highlighters
  • Color Pencils


The following items are nice to have at home for homework or available to bring to school:

  • Calculator (preferably scientific)
  • Flash drive
  • Ruler (with hole punch to keep in binder)
  • Protractor
  • Large eraser
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Kleenex

Students are not to bring whiteout, Sharpies or other permanent markers.