All students who wish to participate in sports must have the following items:


  • Click here to got to the FINAL FORMS website to complete the forms
  • Valid Sports Physical (Tacoma Public Schools honors physicals for 13 months)
  • ASB Membership (purchased from Ms. Nisley in the main office for $15)
  • No failing grades and a 2.0 GPA or higher at all times
  • Emergency Medical Card
  • Concussion Information Form
  • Middle School Activities Contract & Eligibility Form
  • Medical Insurance, which is mandatory to participate in athletics
  • You can also use the parent station in the office to complete the online forms

Middle school athletes must maintain a “C-” in every class to be eligible to play.  A grade report will be pulled every other Friday during 5th period (Friday, 9/25).   Coaches will be notified of any athletes not meeting the grade requirement and they will notify the athlete that they are not eligible for participation.  Athletes not meeting the requirements will be on a two-week probation period to get the grade to a “C” or above.  If the athlete has not met the requirements after the two week probation period, they will possibly be removed from the team. 

For more information, please contact Baker's Athletic Director, Karl Berggren, by telephone 253-571-5072 or via email