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Office Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

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Position Name Email Phone Website
Principal & Building Safety Supervisor Latimer, Amy 253-571-5000  
Assistant Principal & Building Safety Supervisor Carter, Montell 253-571-5069  
Office Coordinator Nisley, Rachel 253-571-5050  
Sped Teacher Acosta-Zepeda, Odessa 253-571-5026  
Teacher Antonio, Armin 253-571-5023 Website 
Teacher Barreto, Shalaby 253-571-5030 Website 
PT Beaupain, Catherine 253-571-6277 Website 
Teacher Berggren, Karl 253-571-5072 Website 
Teacher Blakely, Jeline 253-571-5025 Website 
Teacher Borgstadt, Andrew 253-571-5001 Website 
Registrar/Scheduling Secretary Brown, Jessica 253-571-5061  
Teacher Carter, Zoe 253-571-5001 Website 
Teacher Chiang, Allen 253-571-5022 Website 
Counselor Coulter, Ashley 253-571-5064 Website
Teacher Ekstrom, Mindy 253-571-5021 Website 
Sped Para Everett, Teren 253-571-5003  
Sped/ASL manager Fazer, Jennifer 253-571-5003  
CTE Teacher Gibbs, Monte 253-571-5049 Website 
Teacher Golan, Emily 253-571-5077  
Teacher Graham, Emily 253-571-5076 Website 
Teacher Haas, Celina 253-571-5009 Website 
Teacher Heverly, Matthew 253-571-5029 Website 
ASL Interpreter Jones, Kaila 253-571-5016  
Teacher Kennedy, Larry 253-571-5044  
Teacher Kirkevold, Bryan 253-571-5007 Website 
Sped Teacher Koch, Debra 253-571-5033 Website 
Librarian Kranik, Donna 253-571-5081 Website 
OT Livengood, Brandi 253-571-5015 Website 
Teacher Mackey, Rachel 253-571-5071 Website 
Teacher McPartlon, Robert 253-571-5048 Website 
Teacher Mellum, Margaret 253-571-5033 Website 
SPED Para Mildner, Christina 253-571-5036  
Teacher Miller, Megan 253-571-5043 Website 
Teacher Morgan, Joseph 253-571-5005 Website 
Teacher Nelson, Jennifer 253-571-5039 Website 
Teacher McKenzie, Brooke 253-571-5031  
Title I Teacher Nighswonger, Carl 253-571-5047 Website 
Custodian (night) Null, Sun   253-571-5070  
Teacher Partrick, Jillene 253-571-5020 Website 
Instructional Facilitator Preciso, Robin 253-571-5046  
Teacher Prieto, Keiri 253-571-5038 Website 
SPED Teacher Rampp, Kelly 253-571-5026 Website 
SPED Teacher Reed, Deborah 253-571-5041  
Teacher Robinson, Bryan 253-571-5002 Website 
Teacher Robinson-Penilton, LaTasha 253-571-5002 Website 
ELL Para Educator Ruseva, Lyudmila 253-571-5031  
Teacher Sackman, Zoe 253-571-5037 Website 
Teacher Schneider, Randy 253-571-5008  
Teacher Shin, Kyung-Ja 253-571-5035 Website 
Attendance Specialist Sorensen, Kimberly 253-571-5058  
Sped Teacher Sullivan, Anna 253-571-5004 Website 
Teacher Swensen, Stephanie 253-571-5042 Website 
Chief Custodian Zimmerman, Ed 253-571-5070  
Teacher Barkley, Megan 253-571-5038  
Teacher Farrar, Emily 253-571-5040  
Teacher Font, Aleeta 253-571-5028  
SPED Teacher Hollifield, Rebecca 253-571-5036  
Teacher Miller, Amy 253-571-5024  
SPED Para Arnold, Nicole 253-571-5004  
SLP Berry, Holly 253-571-5012  
Nurse Campbell, Charmain 253-571-5057  
Security Carroll, Terese 253-571-5013  
Para     253-571-5094  
Para     253.571-5094  
ASL Interpreter Fleskes, Danielle 253.571.5016  
SPED Para Hall, Arelle   253-571-5026  
Counselor Jacobs, Shauna 253-571-5063
SLP Olliges, Sierra 253-571-5012  
Para Reier, River 253-571-5094  
LPN Wilson, Keely 253-571-5057  
SLP Wolf, Lisa 253-571-5012  

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  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
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